latest eid ul azha collection 11 Latest Maria B. Eid ul Azha Collection 2013 for Ladies

Maria B. is quite a famous fashion designer in our country. She launched her company, Maria B. Designs private limited back in 1999. She has worked in the fashion industry for quite a long time and is an award winning designer. Maria B. designs many different kinds of clothes which are sold under different sub-brands like Maria B. lawn, M Girl, Maria B Brides, Cottons and so on. Besides clothes, the designer offers accessories like shoes and jewellery for women and girls. The designer’s outlets are located in different cities of Pakistan.

You can see some of the clothes in Maria B. eid-ul-Azha collection 2013 for ladies in the pictures below. These are only a few of the dresses in the eid-ul-Azha collection by Maria B. There are many more trendy outfits of Maria B. eid-ul-Azha collection 2013 available at the stores. For further information and details, go to the Facebook fan page of Maria B. The address of Maria B’s Facebook fan page is given below for you.




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